SanDisk Memory Card Recovery, Recover Lost Data From SanDisk Memory Card

Memory cards are playing more and more important roles in our digital life, we can find various memory card in the devices like cameras, tablet PCs, phones, and so on. They are important as they can store large volume data in a small card.

SanDisk memory card is popular because of its reliability and durability. However, like other storage devices, data loss in SanDisk is inevitable. Many people have such experiences: My photos in the SanDisk memory card are deleted by accident; my SanDisk card is infected by virus and all my photos are gone and other similar data loss scenarios. So, what can we do if this happens to us? This article will show you the solution.

With Data Recovery, it is possible to recover lost data from your SanDisk memory card as long as the data are not erased. Why? To be short, the data you deleted in your memory card are still there but hidden and the space they occupy is free to new files; if you add new files to your card, you may erase the old files physically. So, you need to perform a data recovery as soon as possible and stop using your card before this.  Data Recovery can help you enter the file system in your card and recover the lost data safely and easily. Now, follow the guide below to have a try.


Step 1. Connect your SanDisk Card to your computer

Firstly, connect your SanDisk memory card to your computer, run Data recovery. You will see four modes after you start this program. Choose the first mode to try. In this mode, the data recovery will recover your files with the original names. If this mode fails, try the second one, in which, this SanDisk recovery will not recover your files with names and the recovery process will take longer.


Step 2. Scan the lost files

Next, in the format list, select your SanDisk memory card to scan the lost data. You can specify the file types before scanning.


Step 3. Preview and recover the lost files

Finally, after the scanning is over, all the recoverable files will be listed in the left side. Click the folders to check the files you want, mark them and click Recovery button to save them to your computer.




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