Recycle Bin Recovery-How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

“I deleted an important Word document which I did not backup on my computer in the recycle bin, is there a way to recover it?”

This may happen every day when we are working. When we deleted a file in the recycle bin, we though it is unimportant and useless now, but afterward, we found we were wrong, it is still important! Have this happened to you? In fact, you do not have to be depressed or worried about the deleted files for it is possible to recover them.

Actually, the files deleted from the recycle bin are not deleted permanently from your computer, they are still saved in the hard drive but hidden and the space they occupy is free to new files. So, when you find some important files are deleted from the recycle bin, you need to stop adding new files to your computer, or the deleted files may be erased forever, and you need to perform the file recovery as soon as possible.

Data Recovery is really a handy and practical Recycle Bin Data Recovery which can help you recover almost everything you deleted from the recycle bin as long as they are not overwritten. It can help you recover documents, photos, videos, audio files and more from your computer. You are allowed to recover 100MB data with the free trial Windows version. Just have a try now.


Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

This Data Recovery software provides two main recovery modes. You can choose Wizard mode and Standard mode to carry out the recovery. Both the two modes are very easy to use, and here I will show you how to use the second mode.

After launch this software, hit the Lost File Recovery mode, which is to recover deleted files such as deleted by Shift + Delete or emptied from the Recycle Bin, no matter from your hard drive disk or from other removable media.


Step 2.Scan the drive to search the deleted file

Next, select the disk or folder where you lost file, then hit Start to scan the lost files.


Step 3. Preview and restore deleted files

After the scanning is over, all the results will be displayed in the folders in the left side. Click the folders to preview the files inside. Then mark the ones you need and hit Recover to save the files to your computer. Keep in mind that do not save the recovered files to the folder where you lost files, or the files you did not recover will be overwritten by new files.



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