JPEG Recovery-Recover Deleted JPEG Images on Mac and Windows

JPEG is a image format commonly used for storing photographic images. When we see a picture stored in out computer, chances are it is a JPEG image. JPEG format is widely used by digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, etc. , so, you can see most photos captured by cameras are saved with extension .jpg or .jpeg.

There’s a problem: sometimes, you may deleted the JPEG image by accident from your computer hard drive, SD card in your digital camera, iPad or other devices. No matter why you delete the JPEG files, the first thing you consider is how to recover them. Here is the solution.

Do not panic, there is a chance to get the JPEG files back. Data Recovery is a practical JPEG Recovery that can help you recover the lost images within only a few clicks. Even you have formatted your drive, you can get them back. What you need to do before perform the recovery is stopping adding new files to your drive or SD card in your camera. In addition to recovering JPEG files, this JPEG recovery software can also recover BMP, PNG, and other files such as videos, audios, documents, emails, and so on.

Note : to recover JPEG images on Mac, go to Data Recovery Mac.


Guide on Recovering JPEG Files with JPEG Recovery

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

After download and install JPEG File Recovery, you’ll see 4 recovery modes provided when you launch it. Try the Lost Data Recovery mode first. This mode will scan the lost JPEG photos quickly. If it doesn’t work, try the second mode Raw Recovery, which will do a deep scan but the file names and folders cannot be kept.


Step 2. Choose a drive and start to scan the JPEG files

Select the drive where you want to recover JPEG files from and click “Scan” on top. This JPEG recovery program will scan all files existing on the selected drive.


Tip: by using Filter button, you can specify the file type as image, by do so, you can save much scanning time.

Step 3. Preview and restore JPEG photos

In a short while, you will get all the recoverable JPEG files. Click the folder to preview the photos you want. To recover the JPEG files, just mark the ones you need, hit Recover button, and specify a folder in the computer (not in the drive where you lost the JPEG images) to save the recovered files and click OK to start JPEG recovery.



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