How to Remove Mackeeper Completely on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you should be very familiar with Mackeeper. It is very helpful to the Mac. With it, you can clean up the disks, uninstall apps those are not necessary, encrypt data or files to protect them, anti-virus, recover data, etc., however, for some reasons, users may need to uninstall the Mackeeper.

“I want to recover some files from the empty Trash, however, the Mackeeper cannot find the files, and the scanning speed is rather slow, so I wanna uninstall it and install some other Data Recovery app instead. It seems difficult to uninstall Mackeeper fully, any idea? ”

You may be confused that, as an Uninstaller, why Mackeeper is hard to be removed, but the fact is that. Fortunately, the latest version is easy to remove now. This article will teach you how to remove both old versions and the latest version of Mackeeper. Here we go.

How to uninstall the latest version of Mackeeper

As the latest version of the Mackeeper itself comes with an uninstaller, it can be removed easily.

1. Hit X button on the top-left corner to close Mackeeper.

2. Use Command+Delete on your keyboard to delete the or go to Application folder to drag the app to the Trash.

3. Click “Uninstall MacKeeper” in the popup dialog.

How to uninstall Mackeeper 2012 and the previous versions

It is a little troublesome to delete the without a handy Mackeeper Uninstaller. The processes will be still running after you drag the to the Trash, and alerts keep popping up but you cannot delete them. It is annoying indeed. To solve this problem, you just need to restart your Mac and then empty the Trash.

By the way, there is a Mackeeper Uninstaller, AppCleaner is recommended:, it can help uninstall Mackeeper easily and completely.

How to recover data without Mackeeper

Mackeeper can recover files deleted by accident, however, sometimes it is not satisfactory, it scans lots of files too slowly and even cannot find the files. In this case, you need some professional app to help you. Here, iOrgsoft Data Recovery( Data Recovery Mac) is a good choice. It can scan your lost data quickly and safely. Both Quick Scan and Deep Scan are provided, there must be one mode that can help you find your lost files.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

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