How to Recover SSD on Mac and Windows

What is SSD
Nowadays, many computer users have upgraded the HDD to SSD, so, what is SSD? Why do people want to upgrade their HDD to SSD? Here is why.

SSD is short for solid state drive or disk. It is the best data storage device so far. Compared with other storage devices, SSD is faster, much silent and stable. Or rather, it can reduce the access time and performs better. Furthermore, many SSDs can save data even after power loss.

When you use SSD to save data, probably you lose data by accidental deletion or other reasons. When this happens, it is necessary to do the SSD recovery, especially if you lost important data.


How to Recover SSD Data

To restore lost data from SSD, you can try Data Recovery (or Data Recovery for Mac). With the help of this software, you can recover deleted files from SSD safely and easily. The article below will show you how.

Step 1. Select the recovery mode

Download and install this SSD recovery tool on your computer first, launch it. you will see four modes in the primary window, try the first one first. In the Lost Data Recovery Mode, this SSD recovery will recover files with their original names. You can also try the second mode to do a deep recovery, which will take longer time than the first mode and recover files without names.


Step 2. Choose disk to scan

Next, in the drive list, select your solid-state drive to scan the lost files. Hit the Filter button on the top to specify the file types before start scanning. By doing so, you can save much scanning time if you only need to recover certain types of files.


Step 3. Preview and recover files

Finally, when the scanning over, you can see the recoverable files are organized in the left side. Click the folders to find the files you need. You can preview photos, documents, etc. Mark the files you need then hit Recovery button and set a path to save the recovered files, hit OK to start the SSD recovery process. Soon, you will get the lost files back to your computer.



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