How to Recover MTS files on Mac

Deleted some MTS files on you Mac by accident and want to get them back? Have no idea yet how to retrieve the MTS files? Do not panic, the article will focus on recovering MTS videos on Mac using the MTS Recovery software.

MTS is an HD video file format, normally captured by AVCHD camcorders, you may record some video clips during a long travel or on a wedding, party, etc. and back up the files on your Mac for viewing later. However, some reasons may cause MTS files losing, for example, unintentional/accidental deletion, virus infection, hard drive corruption, and so on. Today, there is no need to despair when your MTS files get lost for there is chance to recover them on Mac, to do this job, all you need is Data Recovery software from iOrgsoft.

As being a powerful file recovery app, iOrgsoft Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery) is your ideal tool to recover MTS files. Aside from retrieving MTS on Mac, it can also recover MTS videos from digital cameras, SD card, USB drive and other storage devices. Now follow the guide below to get back your MTS recordings.

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Guide on how to retrieve MTS files on Mac

iOrgsoft MTS Recovery for Mac is capable recovering MTS video files, now download and install this app on your Mac, follow the steps below to see how.

Step 1. Choose a file recovery mode

Run iOrgsoft Data Recovery for Mac(if you are going to recover MTS files from your camera or other storage devices, connect them to your Mac before starting this data recovery software), and then select the Lost Data Recovery mode in the primary window. In this mode, the MTS file recovery app will perform a quick scan to search your lost MTS files, if it failed to find the files, turn to the second mode.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Step 2. Select the drive and scan the lost files

Next, in the list to select the drive you want to recover MTS files. If the drive you need to retrieve MTS videos from does not in the list, restart the MTS recovery app. After select the drive, hit the Filter on the top to select the Video file type, by doing so, you can save much scan time. Aftert that, click “Scan” button to scan the selected drive.


Step 3. Recover MTS videos

When the scanning is finished, all recoverable video files will be in the folder on the left panel, click the checkbox before the folder and hit “Recovery” on the top to recover the video files. In the window appear next set a path to save the recovery files, then click “OK” to start recovering MTS videos. This high efficiency file recovery application will not let you wait too long and soon it will finish the whole recovery process.

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