How to Recover MOV Video Files on Mac

Have you ever lost your MOV files? What do you do if your MOV files get lost? Do nothing but be sad at the lost files or ask someone else to get them back? Years ago, there no solution to recover MOV files, you can only feel sad at the loss of MOV video files. Fortunately, things have changed now, MOV files are recoverable only if you get proper apps to help you. This article will help you recover MOV files on Mac. Here we go.

In some conditions you may lose your MOV files, including accidental deletion, OS corruption, virus infection, and some human errors. No matter how careful you are, such loss is hard to be avoided. No, do not panic when the loss happens, you can get them back again and the recovery task is very easy if you get Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery).

Gathering from the name, this Data Recover Mac is an app to recover lost data on Mac. Sure, it can help you recover MOV files as well as other data like music, photos, documents, emails, and many more files. Not only does this app recover file from Mac hard drive, it can also retrieve deleted files from external devices like USB drives, memory cards, digital camera, MP3/MP4 players, etc.. Free download and have a try now.


MOV Recovery Mac can help you recover lost/deleted MOV files on Mac easily, now download and install this app and follow the guide to see how.

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

Run ¬†Data Recovery Mac, in the primary window, choose “Lost Data Recovery” mode. This MOV recovery application can recover MOF from external storage devices like USB drive, MP3/MP4 players, etc, if you want to recover MOV files from these devices, connect them to your Mac then start iOrgsoft MOV Recovery Mac.


Step 2. Select a drive and start scanning lost MOV files

Next, select the drive you want to recover MOV video files from. If you only need to recover MOV and other video files, you can use filter feature to select the “Video” file types, this will speed up the scanning. Then hit “Scan” button on the top to scan the lost MOV files.


Step 3. Recover MOV files on Mac

After the scanning is over, you will find a video folder on the left panel, go to the folder and find the MOV files. To recover them, click the checkbox before the file name, then hit “Recovery” button on the top. Soon you will get the lost MOV files back to your Mac.



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