How to Recover Lost Data on Mac (Mountain Lion included)

“Can any app help me get back my lost photos back? Some photos in a folder were deleted accidently and I could not find them in the Trash, but the photos are important to me? Can any software recover them?”

“Yesterday, I emptied the Trash, but now, I realize that some important files are gone, I think they have gone with the deleted files in the Trash. Is there any way to get them back? “

Have you ever met the similar problems? How can you get the files back then?Now, many Mac users lose files especially the important files. It is now a new problem! When are using our Mac, it is difficult to avoid losing files, sometimes delete unintentionally, sometimes accidently tab “Command+delete”, sometimes the files even get lost for unknown reason. Do not panic now, there are still chances to recover the files if you take some instant measures and use some proper file recovery apps.

Lost files are not permanently erased immediately after they are deleted, they still exist in the drive, but are hidden and the space they occupy is free to use for new files, once they are overwritten by new files, they are gone forever. So, once your files are lost, do not add new files to the drive, and recover them as soon as possible. To recover lost files on Mac, here I would like to recommend Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery) to you. This app can help you recover almost all files on Mac including photos, videos, documents, songs, archives, emails and so on. No matter how you lose your files, it can retrieve them. Lost files on external drives such as SD card, USB drive, digital camera, mobile phones, etc. can also be recovered.


How to recover files on Mac

With iOrgsoft Data Recovery software for Mac, you can easily and safely retrieve your lost files, now, download and install the app on your Mac and follow the guide below to have a try.

Step 1 Choose a recovery mode

Open iOrgsoft File Recovery Mac, select the first mode “Lost Data Recovery” in the primary window. In this mode, this app will quickly scan your drive to search the lost files, if it fails to find the files you want, turn to the second one to perform a deep scanning. If you want to recover files from external drives like SD card, USB drive, etc. , connect them to the Mac before launching iOrgsoft Data Recovery for Mac.


Step 2 Select a drive and scan the lost files

Next, select the drive where you lost files, then hit Scan button on the top to scan the lost files.


Step 3 Preview and recover files

Finally, after the scanning get over, go to the categories on the left panel to check the files you want. You can preview them before recovery. After confirm the files are you need, click the box before the folder and hit “Recovery” on the top. In a short time, the smart lost files recovery software will retrieve your files.


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