How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best smartphones in the world. The large Full HD screen, fast processor, and other excellent specs make the phone very popular. At the same time when it brings fun and convenience to people, problems rise, for example, data loss. People may lost important data when they use the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is not the exclusive problem in S4, but also in all other smartphones. Among all types of data, text messages are the easiest to lose. This article will show you how to recover deleted text messages on the Galaxy S4.

Text messages can be deleted by accident or by other reasons. No matter how they are deleted, there is one thing you need to keep in mind is that stop using your phone at once, because all operation will generate new data and erased the deleted data. You need to carry out the SMS recovery as soon as possible. To perform the Galaxy S4 data recovery, you can use this Data Recovery software. It can help you recover lost SMS from your Galaxy S4 with ease. Furthermore, it can also recover lost photos, call history, emails, videos, audios and more data. Now, follow the guide below to see how.

Step 1. Choose a data recovery mode

When running this data recovery, choose to go to “Standard Mode”, you will see four recovery modes in the primary window. Select the first mode to try. Remember that, you need to connect your S4 to your computer before start this program.


Step 2.Select a disk to scan

This data recovery will automatically detect your device. Select it to scan the lost text messages. This program can recover almost everything in your SD card. Make sure the USB cable is OK when scanning the SMS.


Step 3. Preview and recover lost SMS

Finally, after the scanning over, you can preview the text messages before recovering them. Click the Message folder in the left side to check the text messages, then mark the ones you need, hit Recover button to save them to your computer.


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