How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Xperia Phones

Sony Xperia phones especially the Xperia Z are popular among the smart phones. The excellent camera in the phone adds much attractiveness to the phones. With the camera in the phone, users can capture important memories in the pictures and save on the device. However, just like it is easy to lost data in the computer, it is easy to lost photos in the Sony Xperia phones. The photos may be deleted by accident or formatted by fault. No matter how the photos are gone, it is very depressing and frustrating. But do not be so sad since it is possible to recover the lost photos from your phone.

With the help of Android Data Recovery, you can easily recover your lost photos from the SD card in your Sony Xperia phones as long as your photos are overwritten by new data.

The deleted data is still saved in the phone but the space they occupy is free to new data, so, the deleted data is very easy to get overwritten, once the deleted files are overwritten, they are deleted forever and not recoverable with any software. So, stop using your phone once you realize your photos or other data are deleted by accident.


Step 1.Choose a recovery mode

Download and install this Sony Xperia Photo Recovery software to your computer. Use a card read to connect the memory card where the photos are saved to your computer. Then open the photo recovery application. Then go to Standard mode. Choose the “Lost Data Recovery” mode to try first. This mode will scan and recover lost data quickly, so, you do not need to wait too long before you get the photos back. But if this mode fails to find the deleted photos, you can try the second mode “Raw Recovery” which will perform a deep scan and take longer time to completely recover your deleted photos.


Step 2.Select the memory card to scan

Next, in the drive list, select the memory card and hit the Scan button on the Start to scan the deleted photos.


Step 3. Recover the lost photos from Sony Xperia

When then scanning over, go to the picture folder on the left panel to preview the photos, and mark the ones you need. At last, select a path to save the recovered photos to your computer.


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