How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

SD card is most used to store files on digital devices, most videos, photos, and some other files are stored on the SD card. Imaging that you have shot tons of photos with your camera and save the files on the SD card, but by accident, you deleted the photos when you view them or do something else, what do you do? Just let your efforts go with the drain or try to get them back? I guess you may panic and give up all photos sadly. But now, there is some way to get your photos back and it is very EASY. Read through this article, and you will find the solution.

Why the photos can be recovered

To be concise, the photos you deleted from your SD card are not deleted physically from the card immediately but hidden in the card and inaccessible to you. The space they occupy is free to new files, once they are overwritten by new files, they are gone, and gone forever. So, if no new photos are added to the card, there is a chance to get them back. To perform the recovery, what you need is a Photo Recovery. Here, Data Recovery Mac is your good tool to fulfill the task. It can help you recover deleted photos from SD card that is used on your phone, tablet, digital camera and other devices easily.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card on Mac

Photo Recovery Mac can help you recover photos from SD card with ease. The paragraphs below will show you how.

Download iOrgsoft Data Recovery for Mac here:


Step 1. Choose a file recovery mode

Firstly, connect your SD card to your Mac before starting the photo recovery software. in the primary window, select the Lost Data Recovery mode to try first. This data recovery supports all popular files systems on SD cards, including FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFSX and HFS+.


Step 2. Select the card to scan lost photos

In the next window, you will find your SD card in the list, select it and click the Scan button on the top to scan the lost photos. Filtering feature is available; you can select the file type before scanning, which will save much time when scanning.


Step 3. Preview and recover deleted photos

When the scanning finishes, go to the folder on the left panel, you will find your lost photos. If you know the folder name, it will be very easy to find the lost images. In the bottom window, you can click the image to preview them.

To recover a photo from SD card, now just need to click the box before the file name, and then press Recovery button on the top, set a path to save the recovered files then hit OK. Soon you will see the photos be back to the path you selected.



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