How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon Camera

Hi, is there any way to recover deleted photos from my Nikon D5200? I shot many photos with it, but happened deleted all of them, I am worried and do not want my work to be wasted, so, can anyone give some suggestion to help me recover the deleted photos? Thanks.

Well, sure there is. As long as your device or SD card where you save your photos are not seriously damaged, it is possible to recover deleted photos. In fact, the photos you deleted are not physically deleted immediately but still hidden there and the space they occupy are free to new data, so, you cannot add new photos to you camera or SD card before perform the photo recovery, or you may erase the deleted photos permanently. To carry out the Nikon camera photo recovery, you can use this Data Recovery, which is professional and powerful to recover lost photos from hard drive, SD card, digital cameras, USB flash drive and more devices safely and easily. Just have a try.


Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

Firstly, download and install this Photo Recovery to your computer, run it. You can choose recovery wizard or standard recovery mode. Here, I will take the latter mode as example to show you the steps.

After you choose the standard recovery mode, you will see four modes in the interface, choose the first mode: Lost File Recovery mode. This mode will help you quickly scan the deleted photos; if it fails, you can try the Raw Recovery mode, which will perform a deep scan and take longer time.


Step 2. Select a disk to scan

Next, in the drive list, select your camera or SD card to scan the lost photos. If your device is not detected, click the Refresh Drives to detect again.


Step 3. Preview and recover deleted photos from Nikon camera

When the scanning over, all photos will be organized in the folder in the left panel, open the folder to preview the photos inside, and mark the photos you need. At last, hit Recover to save the photos to your computer, do Not save the photos to your camera or SD card for security’s sake.




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