How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card

Many camera users have experienced such situation: they have photographed one whole day and all the photos are saved in the memory card, but suddenly, they delete the photos by accidentally click Deleted All key, all the photos are gone and gone with which is the whole day’s work. If this happens to you, what do you do? Going through all these things twice? Only to be depressed? No, you do not need to photograph again or be depressed, since there is a way to recover deleted photos from memory card.

In fact, the photos you deleted is not deleted physically, they are still there but hidden and inaccessible to you. You need to stop add new photos or other files to the memory card for all new files may caused the permanent deletion to the old files you deleted before. What you need to do is recovering the photos as soon as possible.

To carry our memory card photo recovery, you can try this Data Recovery. It is a powerful tool that can help you recover deleted photos from memory card quickly and easily. As long as your photos are not erased physically, this program can recover them. Besides, it can also recover other files like videos, audios, documents, emails, and more. Now follow the steps below to have a try.


Step-by-step Guide to Recovering Deleted Photos from Memory Card

Step 1. Connect your memory card to your computer and select a recovery mode

Firstly, connect your memory card to your PC via a card reader or a USB cable without removing your card from your camera or other device.


Step 2. Scan the lost photos

Next, in the drive list, select your memory card to scan the deleted photos. You can specify the file type before scanning, which will save much scanning time.


Step 3. Recover deleted photos from memory card

Finally, after the scanning, go to the image folder in the left side, where you can find all recoverable photos, you can preview the photos to confirm whether they are looking for. Mark the ones you need, click Recovery button to save the photos to your computer.



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