How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Losing file while using computer is very common, you may lost files by accidental deletion, computer crashed, virus infection, formatting, and other improper operation. Sometimes, you can get them back from Trash, but, if you empty the Trash immediately after you deleted the files, you get some big trouble; it will be difficult for you to get them back again. If you have such habit, chances are that you ever lost some important files, have your get them back?

In fact, the Mac file-system does not deleted the files immediately after you empty the Trash, the files you think are lost exist in the drive, but you cannot access them anymore, what you need to do after you realize the files are lost is not to add files to the Trash again, all the files you lost before will be overwritten and lost forever.

In order to recover the deleted files on Mac, you need some app to enter the file-system first. here,  Data Recovery (Data Recovery for Mac) is your ideal tool to retrieve your lost files on Mac. It can enter the Mac file-system and scan the deleted files then get them back.

Key features of  File Recovery for Mac

1. Scan and recover deleted, formatted and lost files.
2. Support Mac hard drives, external storage devices like USB flash drive, phones, tablets, and more.
3. Lost Data Recovery mode restores lost files with original file names and folders.
4. Recover lost files like JPG, MOV, MP3, PAGES, ZIP, EML based on file types.
5. Supports all popular file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, exFAT, NTFS, and HFSX.
6. Preview files before recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

iOrgsoft File Recovery is capable of recovering the lost files on Mac easily and safely. Now download and install this software, and follow the simple steps below to recover lost files.


Step 1. Choose a file recovery mode

Run the file recovery software, you will enter the window below. The first mode “Lost Data Recovery” is recommended to try first for it can quickly find the lost files from the emptied Trash. If this mode cannot help you find the files you need, you can turn to the second mode “Raw Data Recovery”, which will restore files completely on your Mac.

Tip: This file recovery is also able to recover files from other storage devices like SD card, USB flash drive, phones, tablet pc, etc. if you need to recover files from such devices, connect them to your Mac before running iOrgsoft File Recovery Mac.


Step 2. Select a drive and start scanning lost files

Select the drive you want to recover deleted files from and click “Scan” to search the files.


Step 3. Preview and recover lost files

After the scanning is over, you can preview all recoverable files on the bottom window. Once you find the files you want, check the box before them and click the Recover button, the file recovery will retrieve and save them to the folder you have set, then you can find the recovered files there.



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