How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

If you get some digital products such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, etc., you may know what SD card is. Yes. SD card is very common on the digital products. It is small but capable of storing large volume of data. The capacities of SD cards can be as small as 512MB and large as 64GB, so, SD cards are important medium to store data especially on portable devices.

As SD cards are often used on our daily life, it is a common issue that we delete some files by mistake; but sometimes we may delete our important files as well, if this happens to you, how do you do? How can you recover the deleted files from SD card? You may think that the files are gone after they are deleted from the SD card, in fact, it is not ture, they are still there but hidden, and you can recover them. To do the recovery, you just need an SD Card Recovery software to help you.

SD Card Recovery is a powerful Data Recovery program that is able to recover various files from SD card. With the help of this app, you can freely recover deleted photos, images, documents, videos, audio files and more from your SD card. Below is how.


How to Recover Files from SD Card

Important note: Stop adding new files to your SD card once you delete some important files on the card so as to avoid erasing the old files.

Step 1. Set a recovery mode

Firstly connect your SD card to your computer, you can either connect it via card reader or directly connect your device to the computer without pulling out the card.

Download and installĀ SD Card Recovery or (SD Recovery for Mac) on your computer, run it. In the primary window, select the Lost Data Recovery mode, which will scan quickly to search your lost files. If it fails, you can try the second mode.


Step 2. Scan lost files

Next window under Lost Data Recovery mode will list all the logic drives, select your SD card and click the Scan button on the top to scan the lost files.


Step 3. Preview and recover files from SD card

After scanning is over, you will see the recoverable files on the left panel, open the folders to check the files you want (if you know the folder name, it will be very easy). You can preview documents and images to find out whether they are exactly what you need.


To recover the found files, you just need to check the box before the files and click the Recovery button on top. Then choose a folder on your computer to save the recovered files in the window pop up next, hit OK to start recovering deleted files from SD card. Soon you will get back the lost files, and then you can transfer them to your SD card.


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