How to Recover Deleted Files from Memory Card

Memory card is an important part in most digital devices. Most of the digital product users’ data are saved in memory card. For example, when a Canon C100 user takes pictures with the camera, probably he save the pictures to the memory card. It is so important that we should use the memory card very carefully. However, one thing is unavoidable, that is data loss. We may delete data from out memory card by accident or by some unintentional operations. If this happens, what do you do to save your data, for example, your precious photos? This article will show you a workable solution.

It is possible to recover lost data from memory card if the deleted files are not overwritten by new files. This may confuse me. To be short, the data deleted by you is not deleted physically from the memory card, they are still in the card but hidden to you, and the space they occupy is free to new files so they are easy to be overwritten by new files. Once they are overwritten, they are gone forever. So, you need to stop adding new files to your memory card and perform a memory card recovery as soon as possible. To conduct this recovery, you can try Data Recovery. Below is how.

Data recovery can help you recover various types of files from memory card including SD card, TF card, CF card, XD card and so on. Now, download and install this program to have a try. If you are a Mac user, try Data Recovery for Mac.


Step 1. Choose a recovery mode

Connect your memory card to your computer first. Then run Memory Card Recovery. You will see the interface as below. Choose the first mode to try first, which will do a quick scanning to search the deleted files. You can try the Raw Recovery mode if the first mode failed to find the lost data.


Step 2. Scan the lost data

Next, in the drive list select your memory card to scan. You can specify the file types before scanning, which will save time greatly.


Step 3. Preview and recover lost files

After scanning, all the recoverable files will be listed in the folders in the left side. Open the folders to find the files you need, mark them and click Recovery button to recover and save the deleted files to your computer.




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