How to Recover Data after System Restore on Mac

In some conditions, you may need to restore your Mac system, but before doing this, you should backup all important files, or, disaster will hit. Let’s say the cases below:

“There are a great many viruses on my Mac, and I want to totally remove them, so I perform the system restore, however, I forgot to backup the important files before, now, all is gone. I am worried and wondering is there any apps can help me get them back? Any ideas?”

“After restoring my MacBook to factory defaults, I lost all my videos, photos, files etc., the videos and photos are recorded myself and cherished for years, how can I retrieve them?”

These issues always happen, right? How do you deal with such problems? Have you succeeded?

If you restore system without backing up important files in advance, you are going to lost the important files after system restore. In this case, if you continue to use the hard drive, your files may get lost forever. In fact, all your files lost on the Mac are hidden by the Mac file-system on the drive but not accessible to you, so, you cannot view or use them, but if you add new files to the drive, things may be worse for the old files may be overwritten or erased, they are gone forever. So, once you realize that you lost important files after system restore, stop using the drive. Though the files are not accessible to general users, with data recovering tools like Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery), you can get them back.


How to Recover Data after Mac System Restore

With the help of iOrgsoft file recovery after system restore, you can recover all lost files by yourself instead of turning to any experts for help. Now, download this application and follow the guide below to retrieve you files.

Step 1. Select a recovery mode

Run this iOrgsoft Data Recovery software after installation. In the primary window, choose “Load Files Recovery” mode, which can help you quickly find the lost files. If this mode does not work, turn to the “Raw recovery”, which will perform a deep scan to search your files.


Step 2. Scan files

Choose the drive where you’ve installed your new system and click the “Scan” button on top to find files so you can retrieve them.

Step 3. Preview and recover files

When scanning is completed, go to the folders on the left panel to find the files you want, you can preview the intact files on the top window. If want to recover the folder, click the checkbox before it and hit “Recovery” button on the top, then select a folder to save the recovered files, click OK after that, the Data Recovery after system restore will retrieve the files soon.



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