Deleted Item Recovery: How to Restore Deleted Items on Mac

On one of my drive’s partition, some of my files are gone, I cannot remember what I have done before, I have searched all the partitions for the missing items, but only to get nothing. I think they should have been deleted. As it has happened, is it possible to get them back? Or what app do I need to restore deleted items on Mac?——from Yahoo Answer

It is not a new problem to Mac users. Data loss may happen in many different scenarios such as unintentional deletion, erroneously delete items or empty Trash/recycle bin, virus injection, formatted hard drive without backup, etc. When data loss happens, do not panic, there is solution to get them back if you get proper Data Recovery Software to help you. This article will show you the solution.

To recover deleted items on Mac, Data Recovery (Data Recovery for Mac) can be a good choice to you. With this program, all deleted items can be retrieved if the files are not replaced by new ones. It can recover files such as Excel, Word documents, PPT, Text, PDF, photo, video, audio, etc. from Mac drive partitions as well as from external drives like SD card, USB drive, MP3 players, phones, tablets, etc.

Guide on retrieving deleted items on Mac with data recovery
Deleted Items Recovery can help you recover deleted items emptied from Trash or on a formatted drive. Download this application below and install it on your Mac, follow the guide below to restore deleted items yourself.


Step 1. Select a file recover mode

Once you run the File Recovery, the primary window as below will pop up, select the first mode “Lost File Recovery”, it is recommended to you first for it can quickly help you find the deleted items. If it cannot help you find the items you need, turn to the second one “Raw Data Recovery”.


Step 2. Choose a drive to scan the deleted files

Choose the drive where you lost the files and click “Scan” to search them. If you know the file type, click the “Filter” to select file type then click “OK”.


Step 3. Preview and recover deleted items

During and after scanning, you can preview the files the data recovery finds. Go to the folder on the left hand side to check the files you want, open the folder, all the items included will display at the bottom window, and you can preview them then. Once you find the files you want, you can click “Pause” or “Stop” to cease the scanning. And then, click the “Recover” to start recovering deleted items. In the window that appears, select a folder you want to restore the files and click OK to start retrieving deleted items.


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