Deleted Folder Recovery, How to Retrieve Deleted Folders on Mac

When we are using Mac, deleting folders is common in our daily use. Sometimes we need to recover the deleted folders for we find they contain some useful files, in this case, we can go to the Trash and undelete the folder if the Trash is not emptied. However, if empting Trash immediately after deleting files become a habit, it is dangerous for you will be able to easily retrieve deleted folders in the emptied Trash then.

“I deleted a folder yesterday and emptied the Trash after the deletion. But today, I find some important files are gone, and I think them are deleted along with the folder. So, how can I get the folder back? Any ideas? “— Jeremy Matthew Barnes

You may think it is impossible to recover deleted folders from the emptied trash for there is nothing it the Trash. In fact, the deleted files are hidden in the Trash but you cannot access to the files. That’s why you cannot retrieve them directly. Fortunately now, Data Recovery for Mac (Data Recovery) can help you get the deleted folder back.

Note: Once you realize your deleted folders contains useful information, stop adding new files to your Mac, or you may lost the files forever for they may be overwritten.


How to Recover Delete Folders on Mac

Data Recovery for Mac can help you undelete folders on your Mac. It also can restore any kind of files like videos, audios, photos, documents, emails, etc. you lost from your Mac and external storage devices like USB flash drive, SD card, MP3/MP4 players, phones, tablets, and more. This program can scan your drive to search all the files hidden in the drive. Now download and install the app and have a try.

Step 1. Select a data recovery mode

Once start this deleted folder recovery application, you will see the primary window as below, select the “Lost Data Recovery” mode, this mode will help you quickly find the lost folders on your Mac. If it failed to find the files you want, turn to the “Raw Recovery” mode, which will scan completely your drive.


Tip: If you want to recover deleted folders from external storage devices, connect them to your Mac before starting iOrgsoft Data Recovery software.

Step 2.Choose a drive to scan the lost folder

Then select the drive where you lost your folders, and click the “Scan” button on top to scan all folders on the drive you have selected.


Step 3. Preview and recover scanned folders and files on Mac

After scanning is completed, go to the folders on the left panel, from which, you can find all recoverable folders and files, select the one you think is right what you are looking for to preview. To recover the folder, you just need to check the box before the folder and hit “Recovery” on the top. Then select a folder to save the recover files and click “OK” to start recovering deleted folders.



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